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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Lookout Security Team has identified a new variant of DroidDream Light found in the Android Market, which Google already removed from the Android Market. Fortunately the malware was available in the Android Market for a short period of time so the number of downloads was limited to 1000 - 5000. This is the third iteration of malware likely created by the authors of DroidDream; the first was discovered in early March (the original DroidDream) and the second in early June (DroidDream Light)."
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Android under siege but not from Malware
by fran on Sun 17th Jul 2011 12:24 UTC
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I love android and don’t read much into this stuff.
Although lately I’m feeling a dark cloud starting to hang over its head.

Google's is powerlessly sitting by while Microsoft and Apple are trying to smother its competition.
It's all about their IP pool that has seen a huge bump and powerful tie-ups in the last year.

The one thing columnist always refer to is Google's lack of intellectual property compared to Google.

Cnet has as far as stated that Google is in a Legal siege.

This is especially made worse in the last 12 months by the Nokia Microsoft Phone partnership. Nokia probably has the most important related mobile patents.
The significant portfolio of Nortel patents has also gone to a Microsoft and Apple led consortium.
Ericson is the other big patent holder but Microsoft and Sony is starting to work closer and closer together.
One example is the latest web domains registered by Microsoft.

Google is trying to ramp up its IP dept.
Lots of jobs are advertised to enlarge this dept.
One below one of many.

Google's latest financial income rose to $2.54 Billion.
It's a lot and will help to buy more IP..But will this be enough to compete against Apple-Microsoft?
They will need more money and partnerships…but who?
Maybe tie in's with other companies like Facebook?
It has a strange relationship with face book. They're sometimes partner up in Washington in patent reform lobby.
They regularly ban its other plug-in ect. (Facebook)..Ad sense controversy) and other type of things.
Google and Facebook) together with the Linux consortium and country involvement. Maybe China should get involved.
They're country basically own much of the world cash capital with their more of 50% per citizen savings rates. They're the biggest lender and creditor of the US and own if I correctly remember the world’s largest gold reserve.

Countries sometimes buy up patents for instance France.

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