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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Lookout Security Team has identified a new variant of DroidDream Light found in the Android Market, which Google already removed from the Android Market. Fortunately the malware was available in the Android Market for a short period of time so the number of downloads was limited to 1000 - 5000. This is the third iteration of malware likely created by the authors of DroidDream; the first was discovered in early March (the original DroidDream) and the second in early June (DroidDream Light)."
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Yeah well that's what you get when you get a bunch of geeks together and give them some patent thieves.

I can imagine it:
An old and eerie house. Dead of night. A shadow swoops from one dark corner to another. Navigating the corridors to the safe with the patents, while dodging the lasers and security installations... The thief opens the safe and at that time the lights go ON! The thief takes off his mask.
Oh, No! The thief is Tux!

the scene ends on a stare-off between Tux and apple-borg.

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