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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Lookout Security Team has identified a new variant of DroidDream Light found in the Android Market, which Google already removed from the Android Market. Fortunately the malware was available in the Android Market for a short period of time so the number of downloads was limited to 1000 - 5000. This is the third iteration of malware likely created by the authors of DroidDream; the first was discovered in early March (the original DroidDream) and the second in early June (DroidDream Light)."
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Android uses a Linux kernel and is diversified through different hardware manufacturers. If a Linux distro were to open up its doors beyond the controlled repository to "app stores", then the same risk most certainly would exist on the Desktop.

There have been 3rd party repositories since the time 1st party repositories existed. Some contained signed packages, some don’t. This risk has existed for more than a decade, it is not greater than it has ever been.

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