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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In Taiwan, Google recently stopped showcasing paid applications in its marketplace owing to the continuing fight that arose merely because of the change in the return policy, when it was dramatically reduced to just fifteen minutes from 24 hours. In related news, "Apple has rolled out a new refund policy in the Taiwanese versions of its App Store, Mac App Store, and iBookstore. The changes, reported by IDG News this morning, give app buyers the option to get a refund on paid applications and e-books within seven days of buying them from one of Apple's digital storefronts."
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RE: Android Market sucks
by WereCatf on Mon 18th Jul 2011 11:01 UTC in reply to "Android Market sucks"
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I have now had an Android Honeycomb tablet for about a month. It's the first and only Android device I own or have used and thus I had thought about doing an article here about my experiences with it, mostly focusing on the shortcomings and criticism of Android. But meh, I don't think anyone would bother reading yet another such article, so I think I'll skip it.

Anyways, Android Market was actually one of the points I had planned to ramble about: there has already been 5 or so cases of malware being implanted in Android Market during just the last few months. That's quite often and a horrible risk for end-users who obviously expect a market-place like that to be safe to use! It is nice for developers that Google doesn't check the applications and that you can just slap whatever you want in there, but safety for end-users should come first. Google should really start reviewing the applications and games that are submitted to Market.

Also, the categories - system... well, what's the point of having such when it's not enforced in any way or form? There's plenty of apps that are in the completely wrong section, ignoring any and all guidelines and common sense, and some developers even seem to push their apps in wrong, less-active categories just so their apps would stay visible as long as possible. While this isn't a security problem per se, it does constitute to the somewhat soddy, let's-just-slap-something-together feeling of Android.

Thirdly, the comments and ratings system is buggy. First of all, even if I buy something I still cannot make comments or rate the applications on my tablet if I'm using the Market app; I can only comment and rate if I use the browser to browse Market. Also, for some reason, I'm seeing different comments in the Market app and the browser version. I've even seen some applications that have 15 comments when viewed with browser and none at all when viewed with Market app. Again, really soddy and constitutes to the bad taste left in one's mouth.

Fourth...Well, it seems Market just suggests stuff based on what has been popular, not in any way or form related to what you might be interested in. It would be nice if you could for example define a list of what kinds of stuff you'd like to see in suggestions.

Fifth, Market shows applications as compatible or incompatible based on the device manufacturer and model, not based on actual physical properties and software version. For example I sometimes see an application shown as "incompatible" on my tablet even though Galaxy Tab 10.1 has exact same hardware and software; the developer simply hasn't listed my tablet in the compatible devices and thus Market doesn't allow me to install it, yet it works just peachy if I find the .apk somewhere else. Again, this is something Google really needs to fix, it isn't THAT hard to check what processor is in use, how much memory, storage, software version and screen space is available, and compare that to what the application developer has stated as the minimum instead of relying on a pre-compiled list of "compatible" devices.

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