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OSNews, Generic OSes "Plan 9 has been forked to start a development out of the Bell Labs (or whatever they are called these days...). This true community-approach allows further development of Plan 9, even if the shrinking resources at Bell-Labs for Plan 9 are vanishing. The homepage and the code can be both found at Google code. You can boot 9front from the regulary built live cd or build the binaries in your existing Plan 9 installation. Installation instructions and further information can be obtained at the 9front wiki."
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RE[4]: Wha tnow
by ricegf on Mon 18th Jul 2011 19:33 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Wha tnow"
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If you re-read my post you'll note that I didn't disagree with anything you said, so you needn't "stand by what you said".

BSD had a huge running start time-wise, but Linux has the lion's share of market penetration today in most market categories. We can discuss why - perhaps the GPL is a factor or Linus Torvolds is a great evangelist or the lawsuit killed BSD's momentum or IBM and HP and Red Hat made critical contributions- but it's rather moot at this point except for those who are sensitive to BSD's place in computing history. *shrugs*

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