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Linux It's strange. Microsoft has been patent trolling the heck out of the Linux kernel for a long time now, and is still using these patents against Android today in its protection money scheme. However, as illustrates, Microsoft makes quite a few contributions to the Linux kernel. Shouldn't this invalidate their patent claims?
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RE: Hooks
by lemur2 on Tue 19th Jul 2011 02:14 UTC in reply to "Hooks"
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This makes me think that its simply a case of Microsoft getting their hooks into Linux.. i don't like this, i think its time to make a BSD licensed fork of Linux...

The authors of the code in Linux have not given anyone permission to do that.

The permission of the aithors of the code is required, under copyright law, for anyone to take the code, modify it and re-distribute it (under any license). The authors of Linux have only granted permission if their code is re-distributed as GPL.

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