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Linux It's strange. Microsoft has been patent trolling the heck out of the Linux kernel for a long time now, and is still using these patents against Android today in its protection money scheme. However, as illustrates, Microsoft makes quite a few contributions to the Linux kernel. Shouldn't this invalidate their patent claims?
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RE[6]: Logic
by Alfman on Tue 19th Jul 2011 06:23 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Logic"
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"Software is an arrangement of 0s and 1s; a car is just an arrangement of metal and rubber. I think the question should be: was the arrangement found, or built? Proper mathematics is found, but software is most definitely built."

I don't agree with your distinction.

You may not be aware of this, but in computer science discrete mathematics courses, we do study how to apply mathematical concepts like induction towards computer algorithms.

If an algorithm is patented, and a developer can prove that the algorithm is mathematically derivable, then would you say the algorithm patent should be invalidated? It is sort of a trick question, since every algorithm is mathematically derivable, given adequate specification.

I'd go as far as to say a genuine distinction between mathematical and computer algorithms is blurred to the point of non-existence seeing as one can clearly be translated to the other (within physical constraints of the machine).

Could you elaborate on a fundamental difference?

Given the same problem, many developers will come up with overlapping algorithms. You may say "oh just use a different algorithm", but now developers are wasting their time in search for algorithms with less desirable properties in order to satisfy a patent holder's monopoly. Considering that many patent holders deliberately file dozens of variations on the same idea to deliberately block other implementations, it's no wonder honest developers are pissed off with software patents.

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