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Google For the first time, Google has opened its mouth against the patent trolling by Apple (and by proxy, Microsoft) against Android manufacturers. By way of Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman, the company took stand against the legal actions, and stated they aren't too worried. If need be, Google will ensure HTC doesn't lose the patent case against Apple.
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How can this be fixed?
by cranfordio on Tue 19th Jul 2011 18:11 UTC
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How can this be fixed? I think not allowing for software patents is the wrong answer for many reasons, including just a lazy answer. But how could this be fixed to allow for proper innovation and competition, but also protect a company or individuals time, money and effort into developing new software?

I am no expert, but I think a start (just a start not the ultimate solution) would be for the patent office to have a review committee made up of software engineers that have to approve patents. Also, if there is a dispute, it has to go to arbitration between the companies with the arbitration panel made up of a representative from the patent review committee and other software engineers. Then if the arbitration panel makes a decision and one company chooses not to follow it then a lawsuit is filed and a complaint made to the ITC. I think this arbitration panel should have the right to invalidate patents if they feel thy are to vague, or covered by prior art, and the patent office has to respect that decision.

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