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FreeBSD The FreeBSD 6.0 release cycle has begun. According to the FreeBSD team, "FreeBSD 6.0 will be a much less dramatic step from the FreeBSD 5 branch than the FreeBSD 5 branch was from FreeBSD 4. Much of the work that has gone into 6.0 development has focused on polishing and improving the work from 5.x These changes include streamlining direct device access in the kernel, providing a multi-threaded SMP-safe UFS/VFS filesystem layer, implementing WPA and Host-AP 802.11 features, as well as countless bugfixes and device driver improvements."
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The Dark Side
by fretinator on Fri 15th Jul 2005 16:01 UTC
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For those of us Linuxy Folks interested in exploring the dark side, FreeBSD is a fairly easy to install and manage BSD. If you want a REALLY easy to use version of BSD to play with, try PCBSD:

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