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Google For the first time, Google has opened its mouth against the patent trolling by Apple (and by proxy, Microsoft) against Android manufacturers. By way of Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman, the company took stand against the legal actions, and stated they aren't too worried. If need be, Google will ensure HTC doesn't lose the patent case against Apple.
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RE[5]: How can this be fixed?
by organgtool on Wed 20th Jul 2011 01:54 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: How can this be fixed?"
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Copyright protection of source code affords you absolutely no protection in actual litigation scenarios.

Care to elaborate?

If you believe the construction of software is just the creation of source code artifacts and that is the only value, then you are correct. Copyright is all you would need.

I never said that software development is simply sitting down and thrashing out code. However, the code is the final product of all of the planning, requirements, design, and testing. It is the sum total of all that work and is much more valuable than the overly-broad garbage contained in a software patent.

But it seems to me you have so seriously devalued your own contribution that you are expendable.

The numerous promotions I have received recently tell a different story.

Not every absurd social network website or web 2.0 (no wait 3.0!) deserves patent protection. They all deserve copyright protection.

Your guess of my occupation is nowhere near on-target. Let's just put it this way: it's not web-based and it requires years of planning before a single line of code can be written.

There is a class of software deserving of patent protection in order to recoup the costs of its construction. All of the costs not just the cost of you typing it down.

Again, the code is the end result of all of the planning that went into the project. Just because a project takes a lot of planning and a long time to produce results doesn't mean that you should be able to prevent other people from doing all of their own work to produce their own implementation.

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