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Google So, Google has come under scrutiny by the US Federal Trade Commission for possible anti-competitive practices. While I would say the FTC has far larger threats to competition to worry about (the inevitable p-word), it would appear there's sufficient suspicion to take a gander at Google's business practices.
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"consumers chose... so I fail to see the problem.

No, just as Microsoft got OEMs to offer its operating system and browser, so, too, has Google leveraged its way to being default search engine on most PCs. This wasn't illegal or immoral. It was good business. But we're now at a point where Google wants to push its way into countless other markets -- using its strength in search.

Can you give an example of this? MS, basically forced OEMs to bundle Windows on PCs and we still hear about that today (the "Windows Tax") is there sometime similar that Google has done?

"besides that... it is not like Google is preventing other search companies from indexing the web, or preventing those same companies from selling advertising space.

That's not true. Google has lots of exclusive arrangements with content owners which aren't available to other search providers.

Hmm, Google failed to secure exclusive arrangements on
Music for their Music venture. What exclusive content have they secured?

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