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Google For the first time, Google has opened its mouth against the patent trolling by Apple (and by proxy, Microsoft) against Android manufacturers. By way of Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman, the company took stand against the legal actions, and stated they aren't too worried. If need be, Google will ensure HTC doesn't lose the patent case against Apple.
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RE[3]: Apple does Innovate
by Damnshock on Wed 20th Jul 2011 12:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Apple does Innovate"
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I take a difference stance from most on this - I want to see patent law reformed, I don't have a pet company. I don't take Apple or Microsoft or Google or whoever using patents as baseball bats a sign of bad behavior - it is a sign of a bad system. Blaming companies with power, money, and talent for taking advantage of the patent system is exactly like blaming people (rich or poor) for taking advantage of the tax system to save themselves money...

The thing is that something legal doesn't make it "right". At least morally/ethically.

There is no perfect system as there will always be ways to overcome or cheat it. Therefore the problem is not the system itself(because any system is,by definition, imperfect) but the society using it. Some might argue that society isn't perfect either but... isn't that the whole point? that us, as a society, become "better"?

Just my two cents...

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