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Apple It's still Apple time over here. Apple has not only released Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, but it has also refreshed several pieces of hardware. Both the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini have seen spec bumps, and most interestingly, the Mini no longer has an optical drive (about time - that thing has become useless for me anyway; not even my workstation has one). They also got Thunderbolt ports, of course. Apple also unveiled a new Cinema display, called the Thunderbolt Display, for which a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac is required. Also... The plastic MacBook is no more.
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RE: Optical drives
by ourcomputerbloke on Wed 20th Jul 2011 23:21 UTC in reply to "Optical drives"
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...wonder if this is Apple's not-so-subtle way of encouraging us to buy content from them...

No wondering needed. That's exactly what it is. And seeing as though it's apparently easier for everyone to distribute their software these days via the net, and therefore a level playing field according to numerous anti-patent posts over the past few weeks, nobody should have any problems with them doing it. Maybe they should provide links in the default Safari install to some of the other online stores just to cover their butts from those who would cry foul, if they don't already.

And the white MacBook will still be available strictly to education markets, sort of like they did with the eMac - to get rid of stocks ;)

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