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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Scientists have taken the next major step toward quantum computing, which will use quantum mechanics to revolutionize the way information is processed. Quantum computers will capitalize on the mind-bending properties of quantum particles to perform complex calculations that are impossible for today's traditional computers. Using high magnetic fields, Susumu Takahashi, assistant professor in the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and his colleagues managed to suppress decoherence, which is one of the key stumbling blocks in quantum computing."
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For an ignorant outsider...
by Fennec_Fox on Thu 21st Jul 2011 14:09 UTC
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Sounds awesome!!! I think... But maybe some of the brighter minds can enlighten me on the difference between "decoherence", and a qubit state probability collapse into a definite state, which as far as I can remember, can happen by the mere act of observation of the said qubit...

I guess this is why I am not - and never will be - a quantum physicist... *sigh*...

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