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Mac OS X Introduction not necessary. Read it.
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RE: 19 pages
by Laurence on Thu 21st Jul 2011 15:17 UTC in reply to "19 pages"
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I think it is very good thing to get such a long and in-detail review. It's much better that all those linux reviews where I get a feeling that it was generated by a script:
"I was presented with GRUB menu to choose install/livecd/memtest/etc
The installer asked me to choose keyboard layout/timezone/disk/etc
The desktop was pleasant/unpleasant with green/blue/red/yellow/etc icons on dark/light wallpaper.
My wireless worked/not worked
So I say again. Great to see a real review. Definitely will read it.

I agree that examples like you provided are terrible reviews, but it's the complete opposite end of the spectrum and it's not an either / or situation. You can have detailed reviews that aren't 19 pages long.

I'd have hoped from the tone of my comment that you realised I wasn't advocating dumbing down articles. Quite the opposite in fact. I was simply saying that I'd sooner install and try the product 1st hand than sit through 19 pages of theory.

It's just I don't see the point of reading someone else's opinion on an OS if it's so long that it's just as quick to try myself and thus form my own opinion. But each to their own.

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