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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Over the last couple of weeks, Mozilla has finally stepped up its 64-bit testing process. There are now five slaves dedicated to building Firefox for Windows x64, which means that from Firefox 8 and onwards, you'll be able to pick up 64-bit builds that are functionally identical to its 32-bit cousins but operating in native 64-bit CPU and memory space." Th 64bit version is about 10% faster, benchmarks show.
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RE: Old news
by andih on Thu 21st Jul 2011 22:36 UTC in reply to "Old news"
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lol yeah agree ;)

I really don’t get what people see in windows anyway.. Windows is for noobs, really! Its designed for people needing only very basic functionality. Allright, you might get some advanced things done by:
¤Searching for useful apps on piratebay or something (and maybe catching a rootkit in the attempt). But its slow, risky, and the chances that you have to commit piracy to make stubborn windoze do what you like, is big.
¤Paying extra to MS or some 3rd party for using their solutions

In linux, a world of possibilities is just an aptitude (portage or whatever) and a .conf away! Fast, powerful, easy, and secure.. and even free! People that are still using windows must have very basic and standard needs or simply doesn’t know any better.

After I switched to linux I never download pirated SW. No need for that using linux. Piracy is a windows thing. Funny then that the companies that by all means want to stop SW piracy are the same that also probably would like to see linux and OSS dead. (Although they might not want to admit it)

Well, its about time that windows tries to catch up using 64bit. I lol when browsing VLSC and users are encouraged strongly to go for the 32bits version of MS office 2010 even on new 64 bits win7. wow,, Its 2011 and 64bit isn't exactly new.. well for other OSes at least. :p

Windows is strangly enough still popular and used all over.. but "popular" != "good",, Dvorak and Querty is a good example for that. Or Bush and Ron Paul :p
Even though i loathe windows, I guess it still has its uses.. for somebody at least, or that it seems.

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