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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Today, the technology world is gripped by what can only be described as a dirty war between iOS on one side, and Android on the other. While the parties in this war fight it out in the US court system, the web has latched onto this conflict like a starved leach to a nice juicy ankle, and this focus on just iOS and Android has had a rather unpleasant side effect. This effect was subtle at first, but now, it's everywhere. Yes, if you were to believe the web, iOS and/or Android invented everything when it comes to mobile operating systems. I will have none of that, and my PDA collection begs to differ too.
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by ourcomputerbloke on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 01:52 UTC
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...the Newton was not the first PDA, not the first pen input device, and not the first device with handwriting recognition. In other words, it's not special because it was a 'first'.

I still don't quite get this reasoning.

Development of the Newton platform started in 1987

Palm Computing, Inc., was founded in 1992 by Jeff Hawkins ... to create a PDA for consumers, called the Zoomer (1993).

Not my words, readily searchable information. So if Apple were developing the Newton before Palm even existed, assuming that Palm had a similar schedule for the development of the Zoomer and therefore it had been in development for a similar amount of time before they actually existed as a company, doesn't this suggest that Apple was in the game at least at the same time developing Newton technology?

And what in the world does the number of units sold have to do with the fact that they developed the technology back then? How does that equate to "standing on the shoulders of giants"? Especially considering NewtonOS was written from scratch entirely in C++, unlike the Zoomer's OS which, as someone else here has already pointed out was a modified PC-GEOS, and NewtonOS was a fully object oriented environment having much more in common with today's mobile platforms than PC-GEOS.

This piece reads like a Murdoch publication where only facts supporting the agenda of the article are taken into consideration.

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