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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Today, the technology world is gripped by what can only be described as a dirty war between iOS on one side, and Android on the other. While the parties in this war fight it out in the US court system, the web has latched onto this conflict like a starved leach to a nice juicy ankle, and this focus on just iOS and Android has had a rather unpleasant side effect. This effect was subtle at first, but now, it's everywhere. Yes, if you were to believe the web, iOS and/or Android invented everything when it comes to mobile operating systems. I will have none of that, and my PDA collection begs to differ too.
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Comment by marbiol
by marbiol on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 10:40 UTC
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I went through the Palm OS route for most of my PDAs until the iPhone.

I started on a Palm III and then went to a Handspring Visor which had a really cool expansion slot. I kept the Visor around for a long time as a platform for playing Moria and Rogue...

From there I jumped to a Palm E2 and then to a T | X as I wanted the full screen option.

Along the way I picked up a couple of Clies that I used as cheap ebook readers / universal remote controls. The scroll wheel was great for page turning for ebooks.

The T | X was brilliant as it was so customisable - I still wish I could redesign the iOS interface in the same way (jailbreak customisation doesn't reach the same levels as was possible on PalmOS). The T | X was also notable as it was very useable as a SIP based phone (the E2 was as well) and I used that for a while for international calls while having a normal phone as well.

Web browsing was average on most of these, but the T|X could be made to work alright if you could find the right browsers to download... The music apps were pretty crap but I was using an iPod for music by then so that wasn't a major loss. There was at least one good media player that could be used to watch avi files off the SD card. I still used the T|X as my movie player and ToDo/calendar setup when I got my original iPhone and didn't really stop using it for offline apps and for movies until I upgraded to a 3G.

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