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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Over the last couple of weeks, Mozilla has finally stepped up its 64-bit testing process. There are now five slaves dedicated to building Firefox for Windows x64, which means that from Firefox 8 and onwards, you'll be able to pick up 64-bit builds that are functionally identical to its 32-bit cousins but operating in native 64-bit CPU and memory space." Th 64bit version is about 10% faster, benchmarks show.
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RE[3]: Old news
by andih on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 11:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Old news"
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You say you have used gentoo as main system? What are you using now? Windows? omgwtf, what happened?

And unless you've really been living under a rock for the last 5 years you would know that Windows supports 64bit, and its rather good actually.

Sure, but it took its time. MS still suggest using 32bit for a lot of MS programs. ;)

There are many reason why Windows is still popular, the main one being that people are used to it.

Congrats, that was exactly my point.
Its popular because people are used to it, not because its good. Just as querty vs dvorak! If you really believe that dvorak is not a hugely improved for use on modern keyboards, you have clearly not tried it or know anything about it. If you use a early 1900 typewriter, your point is valid though :p You know why querty became standard I guess?

As you say people like whats familiar so querty will still be the most used keyboard for many years to come. Windows too, sucking (or not).
Dvorak querty comparison was not irrelevant as you probably see. I was trying to underline that popular is not the same as good.. and I see we agree ;)

To anybody wanting to try dvorak:
setxkbmap dvorak
or for dvorak in on other than standard "en":
setxkbmap -layout LANGUAGE -variant dvorak

There are other reasons, like the stigma's attached to linux and other alternate OS's, for example Linux still being viewed as the 'nerds' os and thus people either thinking they are not smart enough for it OR them holding nerds in contempt. Another example is that there are stigma's against free-stuff and quality, but that is a seperate disscussion.

Well said. I couldnt agree more. It's sad though, I really hope this changes.

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