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Benchmarks Phoronix has conducted some preliminary benchmarks, comparing Debian GNU/Hurd to Debian GNU/Linux. "There was only a handful of tests that could be successfully run under Debian GNU/Hurd and in those results the numbers were generally close, though Debian GNU/Linux was running about 4% faster in some and with the MP3 encoding the Linux OS was nearly 20% faster. Debian GNU/Hurd is an interesting project but for now its support is still in shambles, the hardware support is vastly outdated, and there is also no SMP support at this time. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how Debian GNU/Hurd turns out for the 7.0 Wheezy milestone."
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So, Hurd lacks broad HW support...
by MacMan on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 14:07 UTC
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along with just about any non mainstream OS.

How hard would it be to port Linux divers to Hurd? Would it be possible to make driver interface layer in Hurd compatible with Linux? Now, I'm obviously not talking about any level of binary compatibility, just source compatibly.

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