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Windows "Microsoft is right on schedule with this month's Windows Vista CTP. We had to really pull some strings to get this release slightly ahead of schedule, but we managed it and it's our pleasure to bring you our initial analysis of the new build, titled 5231. It's becoming clear that Microsoft is serious about Vista, as it keeps getting better with every CTP release."
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by ZaNkY on Wed 19th Oct 2005 21:10 UTC
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Well, I'd like to try out Vista, but I'm not about to pay ~500$ just to get a membership to a site that can get me Vista (MS's site that is). I doubt I'm gonna buy Vista, so It's a now or never kinda thing lol. I'm also not about to call MS's office (fear of telephones lol).

If anyone can help yo get me on some Beta testing list, I would appreciate it. If not, thanks anyways.


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