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Apple As widely anticipated, Apple's new major OSX release is available this morning, download-only, for $29.99 USD in the Mac App Store. There's a quick copy and paste job of the feature list after the jump. Also as expected, there's a new, Sandy Bridge-based Macbook Air. Update: A reader pointed out John Siracusa's Lion review at Ars.
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RE[4]: Quite interesting
by robertson on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 21:10 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Quite interesting"
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The Dock consistently has the same thing in the same place Every Single Time you use your computer.

This is true only if you "Keep in Dock" every program you ever run. Otherwise, (a.) the programs that aren't "kept" in the Dock will show up in a different order "unless you open things up exactly the same way every time" and (b.) the programs that are "kept" in the Dock will physically move away from their "same place" when other, non-"kept" programs are launched.

Point (b.) violates the interface-design principle that things should stay in the same place (as you want them to) to encourage "muscle memory" when using the mouse for oft-repeated tasks.

A simple fix would be to locate the Dock in a corner rather than centering it. NeXTStep had the Dock in a corner, although I think that non-"kept" programs were placed in another corner altogether. I'm not sure. In any event, if the OS X Dock were located in a corner, the non-"kept" programs would simply be added to the end of the Dock, the "kept" programs not moving at all. Alas, as far as I know, there is no way to anchor the Dock to a corner in OS X.

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