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Apple As widely anticipated, Apple's new major OSX release is available this morning, download-only, for $29.99 USD in the Mac App Store. There's a quick copy and paste job of the feature list after the jump. Also as expected, there's a new, Sandy Bridge-based Macbook Air. Update: A reader pointed out John Siracusa's Lion review at Ars.
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RE[4]: Quite interesting
by BallmerKnowsBest on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 21:59 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Quite interesting"
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The Windows taskbar is a HORRIBLE piece of garbage. How you can like it better than the Dock?

For starters, the taskbar (at least in Win7) visually-distinguishes between icons that are shortcuts to launch a program & icons of programs that are running. Hell, even the old Win95-style taskbar + QuickLaunch bar handled that better than OS X.

The Dock consistently has the same thing in the same place Every Single Time you use your computer.

That is, until you add or remove an icon (or launch a program that isn't already in the dock). Since the dock expands from the center, any of those actions will move EVERYTHING on the dock and (in the process) cause Apple fanboys to conveniently forget that whole "Fitt's Law" thing they're always rambling about.

The piece of bleep Taskbar the order is going to be different every single time unless you open things up exactly the same way every time,

Bzzzzzzt, WRONG. Windows 7 allows taskbar icons to be pinned (so they're always in the same location) AND allows the icons to be rearranged by drag and drop.

Maybe if you'd ever used the current version of Windows (you know, the one that's been out for nearly 2 years now), you might actually know what you're talking about.

and that is for only as long as explorer.exe doesn't hang or crash., have you actually used any version of Windows released after the year 2,000?

If Anything needs to be fixed, it is definitely the Taskbar.

That's funny, considering that your criticisms of the taskbar are completely baseless (or at least 2 years outdated). And you know what's even funnier? The fact that the Windows 7 taskbar improves on the OS X in just about every possible way, it's essentially the Dock done properly.

PS: I've been using Microsoft OSs since 1983. I've been using Macs since 1998. So I've been using Windows a lot longer than Macs and I've always thought the taskbar was a piece of ****.

Well there's your problem, maybe you should try upgrading from Windows 98.

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