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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless InfoWorld's Serdar Yegulalp provides an in-depth tutorial on how he rooted and upgraded his Motorola Cliq XT, one of many Android phones made infamous for not receiving further Android updates beyond 1.5. 'It turned out to be quite an odyssey, with twists and turns I describe here in order to help those who wish to embark on a similar journey,' Yegulalp writes. 'Was it worth the trouble? Yes, in the sense that learning how to jailbreak your own phone is a valuable skill, and I got much more functionality out of the Cliq, when I was expecting to simply junk it. '
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"Getting a supported phone, one ~3x more expensive than fairly solid & inexpensive mass Android devices (which already offer most of the benefits, not a mere 1/3), also sends a clear messages to the carriers as to what phones people prefer." (emphasis mine)

Hm, no, I think people don't prefer that (maybe even refusing on principle to pay 200% more for 20% more). Particularly when something so inexpensive as LG P500 also got Gingerbread (granted, it most likely won't go further; but 2.x line will probably remain a standard for quite a while, and when the time for the next one will really come, not only there will likely be a worthy successor to P500 / ZTE Blade / etc. ...I suspect most Nexus One owners will be also upgrading by then)

Overall, it seems smartphones might hit "good enough" much faster than PCs did (hopefully it will also mean top devices - or devices from only one manufacturer... - won't be so overrepresented in the official supported lists of things (distros?) like Cyanogenmod)

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