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Google "Now everyone can use Google's Go language on the company's App Engine cloud platform as the company has announced that the Go runtime, which has been in development since it was announced at Google I/O, is now generally available."
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As a programmer...
by JacobMunoz on Mon 25th Jul 2011 03:19 UTC
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... who has actually used Go - I can safely say it didn't matter what their problems with Java may have been, Go would have happened regardless of Java. Go is significantly different from Java, the "Defer/Panic/Recover" error handling, "gothreads".. it is a little odd - and can take some work to port other code to it, but worth looking at for most projects.

I had a fairly simple GTK#mono app I wanted to translate to Go, and it was significantly harder than I expected (mostly because of exception handling) but Go allowed me to efficiently multi-thread my app very easily. Its different and interesting - but be prepared to say goodbye to good 'ol "Try/Catch".

I would also say that Go needs better documentation, more like and their contributed code samples.

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