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Google "Now everyone can use Google's Go language on the company's App Engine cloud platform as the company has announced that the Go runtime, which has been in development since it was announced at Google I/O, is now generally available."
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RE: As a programmer...
by jessta on Mon 25th Jul 2011 05:29 UTC in reply to "As a programmer..."
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the "Defer/Panic/Recover" error was significantly harder than I expected (mostly because of exception handling)

This was probably your problem. Panic/Recover aren't used for error handling. They are used for handling exceptional situations that the programmer wasn't expecting and thus the program can't handle(usually programmer error). It's intentionally annoying to use to discourage people over using it.

Idiomatic error handling in Go is done using the multiple return statements and checking for returned error values. There are a few tutorials on the website and the language spec is easy to read. The standard library documentation is pretty good(far better than the vagueness of php's docs), but some examples might help new devs.

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