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Google "Now everyone can use Google's Go language on the company's App Engine cloud platform as the company has announced that the Go runtime, which has been in development since it was announced at Google I/O, is now generally available."
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RE[3]: As a programmer...
by jessta on Mon 25th Jul 2011 16:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: As a programmer..."
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Well, no.. surely the concept is similar as the following (Sorry, OS news seems to flatten the indentation in the preview, so probably the post too):

It's possible to use panic/recover as a fairly limited traditional exception handling system, but it's not nice to use and Go programmers won't expect it. Similarly you can return null to indicate errors in Java but Java programmers won't expect that either.

Exception handling and Error handling go hand in hand in modern OO languages.

They are distinct concepts and Go treats them as such.
By making them distinct you make your error handling easier to reason about and more resilient to changes in other parts of the code base. Even Java's checked exceptions have a neat trick of hiding the source of an exception from the code that has to handle it.

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