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Google And the patent and lawsuit related news just keeps on coming. Sorry. Anywho, this one's a doozy. As we all know, Oracle - led by Larry Elison, who just so happens to be one of Steve Jobs' best friends, but this is of course entirely coincidental - is suing the crap out of Google over the use of Java in Android, claiming not only patent but also copyright infringement. Well, when Sun was still on its own, its CEO, Jonathan Schwarz, publicly and explicitly endorsed Android's use of Java in a blog post - a post that has since been removed by Oracle. But, as we all know, the internet never forgets.
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Sun has always kept tight control of Java in the mobile, and even the embedded, space. They've never let that "go free". We don't know what state the Google / Sun licensing negotiations were in when this blog post was made. Schwartz was always a cheer leader, and it's easy to see him being out front on this while still working out the details of Java on Android.

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