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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Mozilla today announced Boot to Gecko , a very ambitious project that aims to create a 'complete, standalone operating system for the open web'. This project's goal is to develop what seems like a ChromeOS-like operating system where all the apps are based on HTML5."
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RE[2]: So basically...
by dragos.pop on Wed 27th Jul 2011 10:05 UTC in reply to "RE: So basically..."
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Read the mailing list discussion for more information.

The most amusing part is that they basically want to fork Android (for the OEM hardware support), remove the userland stuff, and drop Mozilla on top.

How many mobile OSs do we really need? Off the top of my head: Android, Meego, Maemo (dead), WebOS are all based on Linux. Then we have iOS of course, Bada from Samsung, WP7 from you-know-who, Symbian (dead), Blackberry (dead), and whatever strange thing RIM might cook up with QNX.

From what I understand, Moz's reasoning is that none of those systems are really open; even Android is pretty much developed behind closed doors to keep manufacturers and service providers happy.

The main question on my mind is that even if the OS truly _is_ OSS, what good is it if you can't load it on to your device? How is making another OS going to improve this?

Maybe there are a lot. But:
From the list above I would cut all dead ones and also Bada because it is targeting low and medium smartphones, not the high end ones.

What mozzila wants is a kind of chrome for smartphones.
WebOS supports HTML very well, but not in a standard way.
If mozzila has success with this, the API might be taken by other mobile OS. Web OS could use it and android might integrate it in WebKit. Also blackberry is opened to use API from other OS.
This means that if I am right, there will be one API for developing small apps and widgets on more platforms.
Complex apps, like games and complex GPS apps will remain platform specific.

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