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Google And the patent and lawsuit related news just keeps on coming. Sorry. Anywho, this one's a doozy. As we all know, Oracle - led by Larry Elison, who just so happens to be one of Steve Jobs' best friends, but this is of course entirely coincidental - is suing the crap out of Google over the use of Java in Android, claiming not only patent but also copyright infringement. Well, when Sun was still on its own, its CEO, Jonathan Schwarz, publicly and explicitly endorsed Android's use of Java in a blog post - a post that has since been removed by Oracle. But, as we all know, the internet never forgets.
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RE[5]: Google deserves it
by nicholasj on Wed 27th Jul 2011 11:39 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Google deserves it"
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Paradoxically, I believe that list of Google product "failures" points to a healthy Darwinian approach; It's inevitable there will be innovations which don't work, but what matters is how Google deals with them. They tend to be reasonably open about their failures and I respect their lack of spin. No corporate-babble about 'changing directions' - Eric Schmidt has stated they think of themselves as following a "scientific" approach in that they try promising avenues and discard those which don't meet expectations.

I like and use Android, but mainly because of the openness - I think there are certainly incremental innovations (efficient mobile multitasking, interface malleability for different form factors) in the platform, but appreciate the argument they are in some senses reimplementing a user experience pioneered by the iPhone - despite Android development significantly pre-dating the public announcement of the iPhone.

Some recent Google innovations worthy of the name:

- Google Ideas - (Perhaps geek hubris, perhaps a legitimate innovation in the provision of aid & philanthropy)

- Google Go - A beautiful language, and bold in terms of what it discards.

- Driverless Cars -

- When you look the uptake of HTML5 technologies, I feel that ChromeOS as a concept isn't yet dead - though I can see them collapsing it into Android at some point

- Continued innovation in Google Apps and Google Docs - we extensively use the productivity suite in our company and find it an extremely good fit.

What marks them out as different is their continued willingness to take risks - Google+ is a bet-the-farm kind of move which is seldom seen from organisations their size. We'll see how it pans out.

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