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Apple Petty Apple is petty. Amazon, Kobo, and others have changed their applications to conform to Apple's App Store rules, and if there's one word that describes the situation these booksellers are in, it's petty. Still, it's leading to good things: Kobo has announced it's going to bypass the App Store by writing an HTML5 e-reader for iOS (and thus, for other HTML5-capable mobile devices).
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RE: Not surprising, really!
by Laurence on Wed 27th Jul 2011 11:56 UTC in reply to "Not surprising, really!"
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I suppose Amazon and the others should be grateful that Apple lets them play in their playground at all.

Why should they be grateful? Any other handset would welcome those updates with open arms so Apple are clearly abusing their position.

In fact I think Amazon et al have grounds to complain about anti-competitive practices. The only sticking point would be whether handset market share is critical - what with iOS devices not being nearly as dominant as Apple like to publicise.

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