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Apple Petty Apple is petty. Amazon, Kobo, and others have changed their applications to conform to Apple's App Store rules, and if there's one word that describes the situation these booksellers are in, it's petty. Still, it's leading to good things: Kobo has announced it's going to bypass the App Store by writing an HTML5 e-reader for iOS (and thus, for other HTML5-capable mobile devices).
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False argument
by ezylstra on Wed 27th Jul 2011 16:50 UTC
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"What's interesting about this is that Apple is specifically doing this to block competing content stores, further forcing people to use iTunes, and locking them into it even more"

No. Any competitor can make a web app that is not controlled nor distributed by Apple and does not require iTunes.

I walk into Target, I don't see Walmart placing advertising there and selling their wares in the Target store.

I walk into a Honda dealer, and Ford isn't there selling their cars.

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