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Apple Petty Apple is petty. Amazon, Kobo, and others have changed their applications to conform to Apple's App Store rules, and if there's one word that describes the situation these booksellers are in, it's petty. Still, it's leading to good things: Kobo has announced it's going to bypass the App Store by writing an HTML5 e-reader for iOS (and thus, for other HTML5-capable mobile devices).
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RE[3]: This is SO hard
by Morgan on Thu 28th Jul 2011 11:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: This is SO hard"
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TBH, he was just pointing out the work around was soo fucking easy that Thom had blown it out of proportion ...

Except it's not exactly easy compared to the method on Android (and Blackberry/WP7/webOS for some apps). For example: On my Android device I have the Kindle reading app. From within the app, I can browse for books, buy books, and download them. I never have to leave the app, and as soon as the book is purchased and synced (usually just a few seconds on either "4G" or WiFi) I can start reading.

On the iPhone/iPod touch I have to open Safari, go to Amazon (and log in if not already), resize the page to suit my screen, find a link for the Kindle store, resize the page again, search, resize, read a summary about the book (possibly dragging the screen around to accomplish this), zoom out to find the purchase button, tap it, tell it to sync to my iDevice, go back to the Springboard and open the Kindle app. This frustrating process is probably less laborious on the iPad due to the screen size. But it's still a hassle compared to just buying through the reader app, which (on other devices) already has an integrated store perfectly adjusted for the screen, and no need to switch apps.

And I'm not making that process up. I did exactly that on an iPod touch and it was annoying as hell. It's much easier to just use iBooks since it works the same way Kindle reader does on Android devices. Do you see now why this might be a big deal for a lot of folks, especially those who are not technically inclined (the target iDevice market)? To them, "Kindle on iPhone is hard, I'll just use iBooks" which automatically makes Apple money and possibly turns a person off of Kindle altogether. Smart, but shitty tactics if you ask me.

Yay ... anyone who makes anti apple comments gets voted up for shit like "Apple is twisted" ... however someone does a little sarcasm and makes light of it and they get down modded to hell.

It truly depends on the article at hand. I've seen on more than one occasion those of us who like Apple products (raising my hand here) get modded down for expressing that sentiment. Thom himself gets accused of being an Apple fanboy in nearly every thread that the company is mentioned, but I think he is a jaded former fan if anything.

Group think ...

Because a lot of us don't agree with you this week? That's life; one day there will be a discussion here that goes along exactly with your way of thinking, and you will get all butthurt because one person doesn't think the way everyone else, including you, does. It goes both ways, my friend.

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