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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Keen observers may recall that Asus's debut of the Padfone back at Computex in May was accompanied by another, albeit less-trumpeted announcement. Specifically, the company promised a $199 netbook computer - the MeeGo-based Eee PC X101 - and this week that device took several steps closer to reality."
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MeeGo, MeeGo, MeeGo
by j-kidd on Fri 29th Jul 2011 07:35 UTC
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That's right, it's MeeGo Linux, the open source operating system Nokia abandoned but that's been popping up repeatedly of late on a variety of planned devices, including an upcoming Acer tablet

A quick recap of the MeeGo-marriage from Captain Hindsight:

For Intel, the switch from Moblin to MeeGo is just rebranding. They gain exposure and sacrifice nothing.

For Nokia, the switch from Maemo to MeeGo is rewriting. A fail from the beginning.

If only Nokia did the same by just rebranding Harmattan as MeeGo and be done with it. End users do not care whether the phone uses DEB or RPM, while developers can withstand the abuse from multiple SDKs.

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