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Legal Two different graphs. Both happen to be published at Ars Technica, with one of them coming from a different source. Seemingly completely unrelated, but when you ponder the waterfall of recent lawsuit-related news, these two graphs suddenly tell all there is to tell. These two innocent little graphs illustrate why Apple is attacking Android so ferociously.
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No, creating a market means just that, to create a new market that did not previously exist. The first tablets, mp3 players and smartphones created new markets.

Can we not split hairs about the terminology ... The market was much smaller before Apple entered the picture ... then everyone wanted a slice of the action.

That's just speculation. If Apple hadn't it's perfectly possible that someone else would have.

Yes it is perfectly possible, but no other company actually did it ... Anyone could possibly do it ... but they didn't ... and Apple have done it successfully now on 3 occasions ...

Most hardware manufacturers don't lead they follow, and they are usually following Apple.

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