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Legal For all the complaints that Spotify was taking too long to reach the US, they did in the end persevere. However, Spotify has just been rewarded with a patent infringement lawsuit for its troubles. Frankly, why should anyone else even bother?
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Actually, no. In Jun 15 billion tracks were sold on iTunes. If we are optimistic, and set the track price to $1 (which is not correct, because a lot of people buy albums)

$15,000,000,000 * 0.0001 = $1,500,000

Or 1.5 million dollars. Which is a lot of money for you or me, but not one of the largest, or even largest music retailer.

So, let's hope for Apple they do a bit better ;) .

OTOH, iTunes was meant to tie people into the iPod and later iPhone ecosystem anyway...

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