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Legal For all the complaints that Spotify was taking too long to reach the US, they did in the end persevere. However, Spotify has just been rewarded with a patent infringement lawsuit for its troubles. Frankly, why should anyone else even bother?
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Actually, no. In Jun 15 billion tracks were sold on iTunes. If we are optimistic, and set the track price to $1 (which is not correct, because a lot of people buy albums)

$15,000,000,000 * 0.0001 = $1,500,000

Believe it or not, your math's wrong. He originally wrote .0001%, so you should have shifted the decimal and computed

$15,000,000,000 * .00001 = $15,000.

Amusingly, even though your math's wrong, that actually strengthens your overall argument.

On the other hand, the point of the iTunes store is not to make money selling songs, but to make money selling iProducts, where the profit margins are substantially higher. As you write later:

OTOH, iTunes was meant to tie people into the iPod and later iPhone ecosystem anyway...

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