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Apple Petty Apple is petty. Amazon, Kobo, and others have changed their applications to conform to Apple's App Store rules, and if there's one word that describes the situation these booksellers are in, it's petty. Still, it's leading to good things: Kobo has announced it's going to bypass the App Store by writing an HTML5 e-reader for iOS (and thus, for other HTML5-capable mobile devices).
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RE: Business Process Patent
by fmaxwell on Fri 29th Jul 2011 15:55 UTC in reply to "Business Process Patent"
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Apple didn't take anything away from me. They told the ebook sellers that there were to be no more sales which circumvented the app store, which they were doing in order to deprive Apple of their cut of the sales.

It's no different than the rules on ebay. You can't sell an item on ebay and then circumevent ebay when selling more items to the same customer.

Why is Apple always portrayed as the bad guy? For f***'s sake, they allowed competing vendors (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc.) to to put their ebook apps on the iPad and now people are bitching because Apple wants a cut of the book sales? Do you see Amazon allowing Kindle owners to buy books directly from Apple's ebook store? Yeah, didn't think so.

So rather than Apple selling an ebook for $10, they get $3 when it's sold through one of their competitors. In return, the competitors get access to a huge market of iPad owners.

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