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Legal Two different graphs. Both happen to be published at Ars Technica, with one of them coming from a different source. Seemingly completely unrelated, but when you ponder the waterfall of recent lawsuit-related news, these two graphs suddenly tell all there is to tell. These two innocent little graphs illustrate why Apple is attacking Android so ferociously.
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So, now it's about profits, just because Apple is doing very well in that area at the moment? Funny, back when Apple was doing well in market share, it was all about market share - but now that Android is doing miles better at market share, it's suddenly no longer important? Do you see how hypocritical that is?

I find it just as hypocritical, or rather disingenuous, to make a comparison between the popularity of IOS and Android by smartphone marketshare only when the combined presence of IOS across all its devices (iPads and iPods included) is greater than Android. (59% bigger, if memory serves me). So...let's make a more appropriate comparison, between smartphone manufacturers. There, Apple is kicking everyone's butt...soundly. And (as noted by, Apple's share of the smartphone profits is at a whopping 66%! The Apple App store outstrips the Android Marketplace and other Android stores by a 25 to 1 margin (in terms of app downloads). It is taking 6 manufactures and roughly 48 different Android smartphone models to beat the iPhone...ONE PHONE that's already 1.5 years old.

You talk about others moving the goalposts when it's clear that marketshare doesn't mean very much if you are not making the lionshare of money. And...considering there have been reports of Android smartphone returns above 30%, I really don't see why you and the other Android fans are crowing so much.

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