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Windows Steve Ballmer wants you to know one thing: He never throws chairs. Elsewhere, here is a mini-review of the Windows Vista Build 5231, discussing interface, WMP, tabbed browsing and more.
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by ZaNkY on Wed 19th Oct 2005 22:15 UTC
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Chair.... HA!

The thing that REALLY made me laugh is: 'I'm going to MSN you'

That's a popular phrase? OK....

Results 1 - 8 of about 29 for "I'm going to MSN you". (0.17 seconds)
Results 1 - 10 of about 57 for "I'm going to google you". (1.01 seconds)

Page 1 of 4 results containing "I'm going to MSN you" (5.69 seconds)
Page 1 of 12 results containing "I'm going to google you" (7.56 seconds)

Both instances Google had more hits. Even on MSN's search page. I didn't find as many hits as I thought, but that probably becuase I was using quotes and searching for the EXACT phrase. If I could somehow search by the idea of googling vs MSNing, I'm pretty sure there would be 10 fold increase of Google against MSN.

Just outta curiosity I tried "I'm going to google you" with no quotes, and the first page was almost all Ballmer.... lol



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