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Multimedia, AV Ah yes, the MPEG-LA, the company that patent-trolled before it was cool (now every schmuck like Apple and Microsoft do it too). Remember how they once called for companies to step if they had any patents Google's VP8 might be infringing upon? After almost a decade of empty threats against Theora, the MPEG-LA finally started actually doing something. Now they claim (in an interview with twelve companies have stepped up - but, in true MPEG-LA fashion, which patents VP8 supposedly infringes upon remains shrouded in mystery.
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Reporting on it isn't the problem, information is good. The (overt) 'negative spin' is a problem, however. Point out that there's still no substance to MPEG-LA's claims, sure, great, you'll be doing a better job of covering the issue than Ars* but the constant accusations of 'trolling' and vitriol are counter-productive and just make this look like a desperate attack piece.


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