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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has already done a lot to clean up the user interface of its successful web browser, but it would seem they're not yet done. As someone who finds the current interface a little... Chaotic and distracting, I'm quite happy with the changes they're currently proposing. They basically pointed at Chrome and said "pretty much that".
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RE: Very similar to Opera
by _xmv on Mon 1st Aug 2011 23:59 UTC in reply to "Very similar to Opera"
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Firefox 5.0.1 looked so uncannily like Opera of the current iteration. And of course Opera does get its design cue from Chrome. But I'm sticking with Opera. I've used it from 1996 or so. So far I do like that all browsers are moving towards a more simplified interface. I like clean uncluttered interface.

That's funny because actually Opera got it's design from Firefox.
Firefox has been VERY slow in development between 2x and 4x and they have a quasi fully open development model.

This means the Firefox UI sketches where up and look just like FF 5 and Opera, 2 or 3 years ago (!)

Opera copied it and released first. Sure it's fair competition - but let's not confuse who did what. Mozilla pioneered that UI and that's why they use it.

In fact, Mozilla has become the "lets insult that company" because they grew bigger and don't sound as cool as Google. But they kept to their roots so far.

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