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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has already done a lot to clean up the user interface of its successful web browser, but it would seem they're not yet done. As someone who finds the current interface a little... Chaotic and distracting, I'm quite happy with the changes they're currently proposing. They basically pointed at Chrome and said "pretty much that".
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My thoughts
by Neolander on Tue 2nd Aug 2011 09:02 UTC
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* Controls are too large for mouse use, it's a waste of space. Firefox 4/5 was an improvement in terms of screen estate use, why go back now ? Firefox's main destination platform won't be equipped with a touchscreen anytime soon.
* Home button positioning sounds incredibly annoying for an experienced user, but well, I got used to it for FF4 so I guess I could get used to it too. It also makes sense from a UX standpoint to put it close to the "App tabs". However, why not move the bookmarks button there, then ?
* The "gear" menu is an awful mess. Bi-dimensional grids don't work well and never had for anything other than file browsing, people should just get over it. Also, drag and drop is another relic from the past that should be run away from as fast as possible. ESPECIALLY if they target touch devices.
* Give me my search bar back ! I need it, and they don't explain how they plan to properly replace it yet.

As a whole, not attracted by this interface. As pointed out by others, if I wanted to use Chrome, I would use Chrome.

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