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OSNews, Generic OSes I had the chance to attend the bike industry’s annual DealerCamp in my hometown of Park City, Utah last week. It’s an event where dealers and manufacturers can meet up, and everyone can try the latest bicycle technology on the roads and trails. While there, I took a particular interest in electric bicycles, which were represented by several vendors. Electric bicycle tech has made some major strides in the past few years, but still has a long way to go, in particular on the software side.
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by curio on Tue 2nd Aug 2011 13:30 UTC
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Dave, I seldom post here but read OSNews often. I can save all of you a bunch of time with one single link. I've spent thousands of hours since 1997 researching this topic and subsequently building eBikes from kits. If you're really interested in the cutting edge of eBike technology today at far more reasonable prices than the Bionix kits, with all the replacement parts you need, the link below will provide you with a fast-track to becoming current on the topic. Including your desired motor/trip control computer with customizable firmware. This Canadian company is the preeminent kit eBike company that everyone tries to copy.

eBike Law:
Here in the US there is a federal law that supersedes all state laws regarding the classification of eBikes. By law they don't need a drivers license, minimum age or registration of any kind if the bike has pedals and is kept within the various legal wattage and speed limits set out in the legislation. Here in the states you can have a full power from a dead start version and don't need to have the pedal assist-only versions required in the UK.

Practical Exercise:
They say the best exercise for you is the one that you'll do. With an eBike the hills are flattened, thereby making them far more viable a solution for more people. Where I live the old joke about the gran-dad who had to walk barefoot five miles to school everyday, uphill both ways is the real deal. I live on a river at the base of a mountain valley where everywhere you go of any distance is truly uphill both ways.

Regenerative Braking:
Regen braking, while still quite useful, will not ever reclaim much more than 20% of the energy available during braking due to the internal forward resistance inherent in all current battery technologies.
Also, with hub motors the shaft is held stationary while the whole motor turns. Regen braking causes both a positive (when powering) and negative (when braking) torque to be applied to the motor's shaft the effect of which causes the wheel fasteners to become loose over time. A torque washer is normally used and adequate for non-regen setups. A special torque clamping system is needed for this problem. The reason I mention it here is that the company at the link above hasn't as yet figured it through fully in that regard. I have been fabricating my own design for some time now because allowing a situation where bolts come loose all the time is poor design.

I don't have any ties to this company. Just trying to set any of you interested parties on the right track to save you some of the time and aggravation I've gone through. Questions?

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