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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Unlike Apple and Microsoft, and despite numerous demands from their users, Linux distributions have been traditionally unable to directly ship the popular Adobe Flash Player with their packages, due to the closed source nature of the software and the restrictive license chosen by Adobe. While it does seems shorter than a regular EULA made by Microsoft with all the legalese that goes with it, it does still restrict redistribution in most cases, and the FAQ seemed to be clear about that point.
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RE: rpm5 fiasco?
by proyvind on Tue 2nd Aug 2011 15:48 UTC in reply to "rpm5 fiasco?"
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I *WILL* be very happy to give you an excellent interview, whatever internal details and technical details and the actual real advantages of rpm5 which made us go for it as the only viable option, while also giving you our side about what really happened during the mageia fork.

As noone has even asked or showed interest in this in stead of of trashing mandriva based on slandering and hostility towards mandriva incited by a few employees which didn't get to keep their job (where redundancy did *NOT* play the biggest role at all for why they weren't "welcome" to come over to mandriva liquidation), I'd be happy to tell you the *real* story, which I was the only who personally was very much involved with at first and pushed for the foundation since 2007 (THEY BLOCKED AND CONSIDERED A THREAT), I know all to well about all the fishy details.

So if you want a good story and also write something people won't just dismiss as trash stories, but of technical interest and all, I urge you to get in touch:

If not, please stop slandering me, my associates and everything we do based on ignorance and FUD from an extremely biased and hostile crowd.

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