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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla has already done a lot to clean up the user interface of its successful web browser, but it would seem they're not yet done. As someone who finds the current interface a little... Chaotic and distracting, I'm quite happy with the changes they're currently proposing. They basically pointed at Chrome and said "pretty much that".
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I don't know he looks Scandinavian in his profile pic. Opera started in Norway and was a hit in the Nordic countries due to the different language versions.

Heck, I'm a US citizen and I was using Opera in mid 1997. The lab computers were stuck with Netscape 2 ( Netscape 4 was already out), and I didn't have admin privileges to install anything. I could install opera ( opera 2.x? don't remember) to a 1.44 mb floppy and take it from computer to computer. It was lightening fast compared to Netscape (2,3, or eventually 4) on those computers.

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