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Editorial Your computer is an important energy consumer in your home. Can you save energy when using it? This article offers a few tips.
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Dual-graphics cards
by WereCatf on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 05:24 UTC
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I just very recently bought myself a new laptop and noticed that it actually has two graphics cards: a low-power, low-performance one and a high-power, high-performance one. I can switch between them manually or the system can do it based on my power-profiles, though it doesn't switch the high-power one on when I e.g. start a game. I s'spose it's a shortcoming of Windows and the drivers.

Anyways, it made me wonder when will PC manufacturers actually start doing the same thing on desktop PCs. It would make sense, even if it'll add $15 to the cost straight-up it'll pay itself back pretty quickly for most people.

EDIT: As a side-note I've gotten the impression that switching graphics card on-the-fly is STILL not possible under Linux. I would think that such an ability would be very high on the to-do list, after all it does save power quite a bit, but I can't recall having seen anyone even thinking of working on that. Has this changed yet, does anyone know?

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