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Privacy, Security, Encryption A new Trojan horse app has emerged to target Android devices, and this one's particularly creepy. The app records a user's phone calls and then uploads them to a remote server. The app was revealed Tuesday by security researcher Dinesh Venkatesan on the Security Advisor Research Blog, published by CA Technologies, now known as Total Defense. While this particular Trojan doesn't appear to be a threat in the wild--at least not for North American users--it's a good reminder of the growing threat of mobile malware.
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by geertjan on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 07:54 UTC in reply to "Another pubivertizing"
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Agreed. Also, from what I've heard, this app can hardly be called "malware", as it's just a normal app that you have to install manually and asks your permission to your data, just like any other app.

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