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Editorial Your computer is an important energy consumer in your home. Can you save energy when using it? This article offers a few tips.
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RE: Nitpick
by zima on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 09:35 UTC in reply to "Nitpick"
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By the looks of the power socket, I guess that would be 110V AC ...and I didn't even need a voltmeter to assess it, remotely! ;)

Too bad, it makes the article a bit mixed bag. On one hand, as you say, nicely sourced. But Watts / Volts mix-up (especially since the latter are essentially constant in such scenarios) casts a shadow... ;) No, really, with such basic mistake repeated throughout, it unnecessarily makes the whole article suspect from the start; about the writing process, the author behind it, how much of it can be depended upon, etc.

(don't get me wrong, obviously quite a lot, it has useful practical guidelines; but BTW, I can't help but notice how immense portion of it is what I would hope to be common sense knowledge :/ - even bordering on "perpetuum mobile doesn't exist" - which, sadly, probably isn't common sense knowledge, hence the usefulness... though I'm not sure if OSNews is the best channel)

PS. And getting another wattmeter is not strictly required when... virtually all dwellings already have a very precise central one. Considering how rarely we would fiddle with this, disconnecting every other electrical energy sink for the time of PC experiments is fairly trivial; you can temporarily move the PC closer to it, too. Absolutely basic arithmetic will take us most of the way to per-socket one; especially since for calculations we see averaging & "assuming" anyway (of course that assumes somebody can notice, connect the dots between energy usage of each device vs. overall bill; but it's also required with portable wattmeter)

Heck, promoting such portable wattmeters when there's already a very good one (and not really very inconvenient) in every house, is itself a bit of a waste of resources, energy ;)

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