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RE: Dual-graphics cards
by _txf_ on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 10:10 UTC in reply to "Dual-graphics cards"
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EDIT: As a side-note I've gotten the impression that switching graphics card on-the-fly is STILL not possible under Linux. I would think that such an ability would be very high on the to-do list, after all it does save power quite a bit, but I can't recall having seen anyone even thinking of working on that. Has this changed yet, does anyone know?

There is, with the ATI proprietary driver (powerXpress). Unfortunately you need unlink/relink to the ATI OGL library every time you switch.

Also there is some open source stuff that works with the radeon and intel gpus (I'm not sure it works with nouveau).

None of them are dynamic. You need to specifically switch, restart X (sometimes even restart the pc). Alas, the rather crufty graphics stack prevents dynamic switching...

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